Late pick-up charge

Late collection of your child(ren) will result in the following additional charges being made:
  • £5 per child for collection after 6.05pm
  • £10 per child for collection after 6.30pm

Payment of fees

Payment in full is on a termly basis, in advance by bank transfer or registered voucher schemes made payable to Totterdown Children’s Community Workshop or TCCW. For After School Club sessions, you will be sent an invoice in advance. If there are any problems with payments, please contact the administrator to discuss the issue. Your enquiry will be dealt with in confidence but we will ask you to sign an agreement. We will always pursue outstanding fees.


If your child is ill or unable to attend a booked session, you must notify TCCW by 3pm - there is an answer phone for messages when staff are not in the building. Please note that you will be charged double if you do not let us know that your child will not be attending by 3pm because all the other children and staff will be severely inconvenienced and delayed leaving school whilst your child is searched for. The above also applies if you arrange for another parent/someone else to take your child from school; you MUST inform us, or we will NOT release your child to them.

There are no refunds for cancelled sessions.

Should you need to change a day (e.g. if your child is ill), it may be possible to book an alternative day if spaces are available at no additional cost.

If you no longer require a place for your child we require 4 weeks’ notice of cancellation, so that we can make arrangements to fill your child’s place. You are not required to give notice for children leaving at the end of Year 6.


We regret that we are unable to refund any fees for the session(s) missed by your child. (We need to charge for sessions missed as we still have to pay the staff wages etc.) However we always aim to accommodate our members when we can - please speak to the Play Leader if you have any queries.


If your child has suffered from sickness or diarrhoea they will not be able to attend TCCW; children have to be well for 48 hours before re-attending Workshop.

For other illnesses or infections please refer to the Infectious Diseases information at

Please inform us straight away if your child is ill or cannot attend the setting for any other reason.

If your child becomes ill whilst at the setting you will be contacted to collect your child. If you are not available, we will contact those listed under Emergency Contact Numbers on your child’s Registration Form.


Only parents/carers who are collecting children and official visitors will be able to gain access to the setting. We will ask you to provide us with a password which only people allocated to collect your child will know. All visitors will be asked to complete our Visitor’s Book.

Staff vetting

All the setting’s staff have been suitably vetted and DBS checked.

If you experience any problems with the setting, or have any suggestions to make, please let the staff or a member of the management committee know.


Only people authorised by the parents/carers are allowed to collect children, unless we are otherwise informed (please see Registration Form for details). Please tell us of any changes in person preferably and usually in writing. We operate a password system so that only people who know your password may pick up your child. Passing on information through a child will not be accepted.

Identification will be required. The setting will not allow people under the age of 16 to collect children unless parents/carers give prior written permission. We will hold the child until we are sure they are going home with an appropriate adult. The setting will not allow children to walk home to say they have collected the child.

Late pick-up

If the person collecting the child is unavoidably delayed they must inform Workshop by telephone ASAP. If the child has not been collected by 6.45pm and the parents/carers have not informed the staff of their delay, we will implement our Uncollected Child Procedure, including contacting Social Services and the Police. This incident may then lead to your child being excluded from TCCW.

Policy Statements

We have detailed policies covering a number of areas. The following explains the key points of those policies. Copies of the full policy statements are available on request from any member of staff or committee.

Equal opportunities

TCCW is committed to eliminating discrimination of all kinds and encouraging diversity amongst our workforce. We will strive to make our service accessible to all parents who wish to use it and we will ensure that no child, individual* or family will be unlawfully discriminated against on the grounds of age, sex, sexuality, family status, means, disability, race ethnic origin, culture, religion or belief. We are committed to creating an environment in which individual differences and everyone’s contributions are recognised and valued and we believe in promoting dignity and respect to all.

(*Includes staff, volunteers and members of the committee.)

Child protection

The objective of TCCW’s Child Protection Policy is to contribute to the personal safety of all children using the facilities and resources of the workshop, through actively promoting awareness, good practice and sound procedures. We consider it the duty of members, staff and volunteers to protect children and young people who they come into contact with from abuse. This is part of our safeguarding children procedure.

Health and safety

To ensure the safety of all the children and staff:

  • Incident and Accident Forms must be completed and signed by parents/carers.
  • Serious incidents involving danger to others may result in your child being excluded without notice.
  • Regular fire drills will take place.
  • A no smoking policy will operate.
  • Risk assessments will be regularly taken on the play environment and off-site activities.
  • Generally we will not administer medication to children. However, where medication is required to be given during the day, the parent / carer will need to complete a Medical Consent Form. If a child needs medication, please do not send them to Workshop without discussing this with a staff member.
  • If a child has an existing injury parents/carers must fill in an Existing Injury Form.

Behaviour and discipline

TCCW aims to promote positive behaviour with a view to creating a safe, happy environment. By providing good play opportunities we will foster the development of self-discipline and self-esteem in children and help them understand not only how their behaviour can affect others but how it can create or block opportunities for themselves. We encourage the children to behave responsibly, be courteous to each other and to staff. Discipline will be in the form of encouragement and understanding. Should more serious action be required, the child will be taken away from the situation until s/he has calmed down. We operate a strict policy of no physical punishment.

We will not tolerate:

  • Aggressive behaviour towards other children or staff.
  • Children leaving the site without supervision.
  • Physical or verbal bullying.
  • Discrimination in any form.
  • Destruction of property.

We are required to record all incidents that happen at the setting on Incident Forms and parents/carers will be advised and asked to sign. These forms are confidential. Parents have access to their child’s records on request.

Repeated incidents may result in your child being excluded. Serious incidents involving danger to others may result in your child being excluded without notice.

Parent/carer complaints

If you are unhappy about anything to do with the setting you should raise the matter with the Playleader. If this is not possible you can speak to a committee member. We will do everything we can to resolve any difficulties. For further details please see the full Parents' Complaints Procedure, which can be found on the parent’s board or with the full policy statements.